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There are a multitude of reasons why someone chooses to seek psychotherapy.  Many of us seek therapy when stress overwhelms our ability to cope.  Troubling relationship patterns may feel impossible to change; professional challenges may seem insurmountable.  One may have difficulty making decisions or simply feel stuck.  Constant worry, pronounced sadness, and low self-worth can – slowly or quickly – compromise one’s quality of life.


I work with individuals battling with anxiety, depression and other mood difficulties, self-esteem concerns, relationship problems, significant life transitions, family dynamic issues, and relational trauma.


Therapy offers a confidential, safe environment for exploring your concerns in the company of an experienced, attentive professional.  Psychotherapy increases one’s capacity for self-reflection and amplifies self-understanding.  The therapeutic process nurtures existing strengths and mobilizes one’s capacity to identify and undertake positive changes in one’s life.


It takes courage to seek help from a therapist; I understand and respect this.  I approach therapy as a collaborative endeavor.  Together, we develop a strong, secure, and open relationship.  This relationship allows us to work together to understand and address problematic patterns.  I am attentive and curious; I listen closely.  I make observations, provide feedback, and challenge your ways of thinking and behaving. 

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